Sunday, February 10, 2008

Some Big News for SLS.

Today there's an article about my work in the New York Times Sunday Magazine. Sam Nejame wrote it and he did a really nice job on it. It arose from an ice cream project I'd done in the Fall, which -- along with a few other subjects, like my wonderful Gastronauts experience and Zack's shipment of bugs from the wilds of Louisiana -- I need to post about. Though the article includes neither my website nor the name of my company, I know that potentially interested parties will be able to locate me well enough.

Other news: I'm to be a featured guest on the Colbert Report this Wednesday, 2/15. That'll be interesting. And I'll be leaving for Thailand on 2/15 for the FAO [Food and Agriculture Office, a branch of the UN] Conference mentioned in the NYT article. I'm looking forward to seeing Thailand; I've never been to South-East Asia before.

Please stay tuned, you wonderfully patient and loyal readers.


John Umland said...

that's so awesome. put up a link to the CR when you find one.
i love grasshoppers. they are yummy
God is good

Unknown said...


I thought you should know that you'll be in Providence Journal tomorrow in the "People" section. You'll also be mentioned on the radio tomorrow on Jen's Dish -

You're also mentioned in the Providence Daily Dose here -

And in Stephanie Does here -

Unknown said...

I can't wait to watch you tomorrow night! Rhode Island is so proud of you!!!


Mandy Jordan said...

Congratulations, David! Things are really starting to Happen for you and that is awesome!
-Eric and Mandy

Elbow Heckenrose said...

Hi David, saw your appearance on Colbert last night and I was impressed! I've recently gone vegan, but I think I'd make an exception for bugs. I'll definitely be following your work with interest.

Also, if you allowed anonymous comments you'd probably get a lot more.

Geoff Gordon said...

hey dave, i have to say - great job on the colbert show. your star is rising. congrats. i'll just bask here in your reflected glow.