Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I've Got Representation!

Since I'll be in Thailand for a little while, it would be a shame if those who'd like to talk with me missed out. While I'm away please direct inquiries into me and/or Sunrise Land Shrimp to:

Mike Ritz

Media, contact 617-462-6908 to schedule interviews.




Chef B said...

Hey Dave,

Great work on The Colbert Report!

You fenced Steve's jokes very well and looked terrific doing it!

Btw, remember to have fun in Thailand while your there and eat some Phad Thai for me!

Chef B

keri marion said...
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keri marion said...

hi dave,

i don't watch tv enough to know about these sorts of things... will you have the clip available for viewing on, say, youtube or something?

i heard a rumour that you used to live in my apartment. it had a lime green kitchen. i painted it orange.

yours sincerely,