Sunday, May 18, 2008

Time for Waxworms

I'm in Richmond VA now, one of two insect 'chefs' engaged in a gentle version of Iron Chef. My competitor is David George Gordon, well-known entomophagist and author of [among other works] the Eat-A-Bug Cookbook. We'll see how I'll do against him; I MUST post coverage of this event in a prompt fashion, and that will include images of our dishes.

The crucial part of this to note is that I'll be working with waxworms (Galleria mellonella). Various people had told me how good they are, but between the crickets and the exotic items I get in, I hadn't made time for waxworms. Now that I have, though, there's no looking back.

As usual, they're not worms but larvae -- caterpillars, in fact, and their adult form is a small, nondescript moth. The name comes from the fact that the caterpillars consume beeswax! They're a pest for beekeepers, but a real treat for frogs, lizards, and people.