Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Big Transition

As of today, is no more! SmallStock Food Strategies LLC has replaced Sunrise Land Shrimp. It's the end of a long process of re-framing my work to the world: while I [and several entomologists] liked the whimsical nature of the old name, it was simply too opaque and confusing for the general public.

The new name may have some of the same attributes, but to a far lesser degree. It's time to move into insect farming/rearing/husbandry --- these words are interchangeable. While some of the exotic "bugs" I've gotten over the years are quite tasty and impressive, 'the movement' will make the most progress through the production of captive-raised insects.

The wonderful Keri&Justin are my new webmasters, and I'm thrilled with what they've done. Those seeking Sunrise Land Shrimp will be routed to and I'll be posting on my wordpress blog. Please do visit me there.