Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another country heard from

There's a lot of things to talk about, I need to blog them but for the moment here's a thought for the day.

I'm slowly starting to get ready to research the underlying issues and realities around food-production and the ways that entomophagy can fit into a paradigm of living sanely on the planet. This desired research may have to cover a vast amount of territory, including water consumption; efficient conversion of plant foods into edible proteins; the quirks and patterns that shape food preferences and biases; animal flatulence; and stuff like that. The above article is about the loss of topsoil, which I would never have thought was a problem but yup, it seems to be.

More soon.

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Amy said...

It was fun when I tried bugs with you. I was wondering if you tried exotic fruits besides the exotic foods made of insects?

I bought a horned melon the other day and thought of you.

p.s. I'm the person you referred to here