Friday, January 4, 2008

A New Challenge for the New Year

Greetings Everybody. Happy 'O8.

There are a lot of good challenges facing me and my little company this year and I'll write about them soon. I promise.

For the moment, I've got a challenge for you, especially those of you in or near American cities. As I've mentioned, several small markets here in Providence offer three kinds of insects in the frozen food section. I'd love to hear about what's sold in NYC, or DC, or LA, Chicago, El Paso, Denver, places like that. I just learned about an African market in Burlington VT [not most people's idea of a very diverse part of the country] that sold dried caterpillars or grubs not long ago.

My visits to both Chinatowns [if one can still use that word in this day and age] in New York turned up practically nothing. There was plenty of exotic foods, especially in Flushing, Queens, but nothing in the way of insects. Inquiries went nowhere. The same happened in Boston.

Is it possible that a smaller city like Providence has the bugs but larger cities don't?? Seems really unlikely. It's more likely that I don't know where to look.

I can offer small rewards -- we could easily work out just what that would mean. But just as I need insect hunters to beat the bushes throughout this country and world, so do I need pairs of feet through the aisles of stores here and there.

Whaddaya Say??


BiomeBob said...

Hi Dave!
Bob Gable here.
In El Paso on the challenge: A couple weeks ago, I checked with one local market establishment, but they said to check another oriental establishment. This one just changed ownership et al and didn't have anything (I asked for 'chapulines'!). I'll try to get to the other place before the end of the month.

Did you get my last note via email and call)re. 'Entomophagy interest queries'??

Unknown said...


i live in ann arbor, mi, the home of the university of michigan. there's a local gift shop by the name of 'middle earth' that sells packets of crickets, grasshoppers, bees and the like as a potato-chip-esque snack. nothing too genuine and traditional, but interesting nonetheless.

Amy said...

I used to live in the DC area. Two Thai grocery stores on Lee Highway in the Bailey's Crossroads section of Falls Church, VA sold frozen giant water bugs. This was a few years ago, but if I remember correctly the one store was right next to Rabieng restaurant and was owned by the same folks. The other store was very close by on the same side of the road. There's a block or two where there are several Thai restaurants and stores.