Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More on the way [and one more gig coming up]


It's been a long while since I've posted, and I can offer only poor excuses like my day-job and family responsibilities. But I haven't abandoned the noble cause, nor the desire to communicate through this humble blog. Please know that I'm working on a couple of posts and they'll be out soon.

Also, this coming Tuesday, 11/20, I'll be a featured guest at the meeting of New England branch of the Explorer's Club. It's scheduled for 8pm at the Blacksmith House, 56 Brattle Street in Harvard Square. The public is welcome, and there's a suggested voluntary donation of $10.

Perhaps, gentle readers, I'll meet one of you there.


Miss Lonelyhearts said...

Hello! I tried to email this to you, but it didn't work:


This is Marianne. I hope you remember me -- my sister and I met you at
the Everglades last year! I had hoped to keep in contact, but I
(predictably) lost your email address.

I recently put together a chapbook with an emerging Montreal press,
and was thinking of people who might be interested in reading it.
About the same time (that is, just last week), I had a group project
in one of my classes, and the chosen topic was edible insects. That
was enough to make the connection in my head, and after a little
meditation, I was able to remember your name. This is what I came up
with, thanks to Google. I sure hope that this is the right email

If so, I am very curious to know what has become of your epic poem,
and the edible insect business, and also your young daughter. I hope
that everything is going well all around. Montreal is just starting to
get wet and slushy again, but there is no trip to Florida on the
horizon for this year.

I am currently working on two screenplays, one of which I am
completely embarrassed of, and another which I hope to one day shoot,
and use as a portfolio to get into a film school somewhere. This has
become my latest passion, and I have been watching as many interesting
films as I can get my hands on. I remember that you mentioned teaching
a course where you discussed movies with your students.

Well, let me know if you are interested in reading my poetry book.
Perhaps you would be willing to offer some words of wisdom as to how I
can go about getting my work out into the real world.

Look forward to hearing from you,


PS. more info on the press available at

Miss Lonelyhearts said...

You can email me at